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  • Lee Harding

    Lee Harding

  • Advancing Justice | AAJC

    Advancing Justice | AAJC

    Fighting for civil rights for all and working to empower #AAPIs to participate in our democracy. Follow: @johncyangdc @tao_minnis @meganessaheb

  • Chris Hare

    Chris Hare

    Chris is the co-author of seven books and author of more than 70 articles and book chapters in technical, management, and information security publications.

  • Chalbi Mohamed Amine

    Chalbi Mohamed Amine

    An Ex-Medical student turned computer science & engineering student with a passion for all things complicated and weird !

  • Maarten Grootendorst

    Maarten Grootendorst

    Data Scientist | Psychologist. Passionate about anything AI-related! Get in touch: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mgrootendorst/

  • Yan Cui

    Yan Cui

    AWS Serverless Hero. Independent Consultant https://theburningmonk.com/hire-me. Author of https://productionreadyserverless.com. Speaker. Trainer. Blogger.

  • Chris Long

    Chris Long

    Detection & Incident Response

  • Rohan Vazarkar

    Rohan Vazarkar

    Penetration Tester and BloodHound Developer

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